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Canyon Soup Bowl

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The Stratum Dinnerware collection is minimal yet elegant, simple yet modern. It’s an organic modern look added to your table. They are very easy to store, easy to clean, light-weighted, strong, and durable.

Color: Terracotta with matte exterior finish and shiny glazed surface.

• 4.3" Diameter x 3" Height
• Microwave and dishwasher safe
• Handmade enameled stoneware
• Completely free of toxic heavy metals (like cadmium and lead) and carcinogens found in other, less robust, ceramic forms.
• Quick and extreme changes in temperature could cause thermal shock causing your stoneware to crack.
Do not preheat stoneware and do not place wet stoneware in the oven.
• Do not use on the grill
• Do not place dense, frozen food items on stoneware.
• Do not place hot stoneware directly on a cold surface as it may cause cracks, use trivet or a towel and let it cool down to avoid such cracks.
• The use of sharp utensils may leave slight scratches (especially on a matte finish). A few options can help you remove them; rub your dishes using a good scrubber with baking soda, cream of tartare or a scouring powder (Bar Keepers Friend) with water.