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Local Orange Blossom Honey

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Orange Blossom Honey is only found in two parts of the world - California and Florida. California Orange Blossom Honey is so unique due to the wide range of diverse crops that California bees pollinate. In our honey you will find pollen from Orange, Almond, Stone Fruit, Wild Flower, Sage and a number of other native and agricultural species.

Sandstone Orange Blossom Honey has a sweet and mild flavor with notes of citrus and is best eaten raw by the spoonful or drizzled over your favorite toast or granola.

Honey has no expiration date, it will crystallize but never rot. Honey contains natural enzymes that preserve it forever.

• Sandstone Orange Blossom Honey is a 100% raw and unfiltered product. By not filtering our honey, each spoonful is full of natural pollen and enzymes that are amazing for your health. The honey sugar molecules like to attach to the pollen and enzymes causing crystallization. You can soak your jar of Sandstone Honey in warm water to de-crystallize. Make sure it’s luke warm so that you don’t overheat and damage all of the pollen and enzymes!

• We've partnered with local producers to source the purest honey in the Central Valley from a local beekeeper in Wasco, California. Our local beekeeper is diligent about his hive health and making sure that his bees feel happy with their environment year round. From January to June, his bees are here in the central valley pollinating all of our bountiful crops that make our community so agriculturally rich. Once they are done pollinating our central valley crops, they take a vacation the rest of the year in North Dakota. Who doesn’t need a break?

• 100% Local Raw Orange Blossom Honey

• 16 oz.