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Twice Daily Invigorating Cleanser

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ASYSTEM's clean, plant-based exfoliating cleanser that eliminates impurities and repairs skin damage.

Rejuvenate your complexion with a gentle exfoliating cleanser that works to eliminate daily build-up of dirt and impurities without over-drying or uncomfortable tightness.

Gentle enough to use twice a day, yet with the power to strip grime and exfoliate dead skin. Clean and fragrance-free, yet with a mildly addictive natural eucalyptus scent. Calming and anti-inflammatory, yet intensely refreshing and invigorating. Oh, and it had to pass the important “easy-to-use-with-one-hand-in-the-shower” test.

Bamboo Stem Cells

A natural ingredient that gently exfoliates dead cells, revealing healthy skin underneath and increasing elasticity.

Lavender Oil

A natural oil that helps to reduce inflammation and reduce and calm the skin. Works to kill bacteria on the skin, which can prevent and heal breakouts.

Eucalyptus Oil

A gentle antiseptic that helps to control germs and get your skin truly clean. Helps to calm redness and inflammation from acne and irritation. A natural antioxidant.

Made in the USA

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