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Artículo: The 5 Things You're Doing Wrong with Your Houseplants (And How to Fix It!)

The 5 Things You're Doing Wrong with Your Houseplants (And How to Fix It!)

The 5 Things You're Doing Wrong with Your Houseplants (And How to Fix It!)

Keeping plants can be a wonderful hobby and adds a special touch to any interior space in your home or office. We've found that many people love the idea of having a plant but aren't sure what to do when they get one. It can feel disappointing when you bring a vibrant, healthy plant home, only to have it wilt a week or two later. With these tips, you're sure to get started on the right foot with any plant you choose.

1.  Your plants don't get enough sunlight

One of the top questions we're asked in the shop is how much sunlight do plants need. This is a little bit of trick question seeing as each plant is different. Most plants will require bright to medium indirect sunlight. Some varieties such as the Snake Plant and ZZ Plant are low light tolerant meaning they can be placed in lower light areas. Be sure to look up the specifics for the plants you bring into your home.

We recommend looking up the specific plant name to get the details on what your plant needs. Some plants come with care instructions that will give you the basics of what it needs to thrive.

2. Your plants are dusty

Much like low light, having dusty plants prevents them from bringing in the nutrients needed to grow. Dust can also cause buildup on the soil and makes your plant look dull overall.

To fix this, make a habit of wiping down your plants' leaves to ensure they're able to absorb all the light they need. This can be done with a simple microfiber cloth or with special plant dusting gloves. If your plant is especially dusty, you can use a little bit of room temperature water to help remove the dust and dirt from the foliage. Just be careful not the damage the leaves in the process.

For additional care and shine, try our Leaf Care Duo Kit!

3. Your plants are underwater

Having dry, brown tips is a clear indication that your plant isn't getting enough water. In plant varieties like Calatheas and Staghorn Ferns, drooping leaves can also be a sign that you are under watering your plants. Additionally, the climate you're in can also affect how much water your plants are retaining. Areas that are much drier can increase the need for more water.

If you've under watered your plants, trim off the dried tips and adjust your watering schedule. Use your finger, a wooden skewer, our moisture meter to check the moisture level on your plants. Remember, knowing what level of moisture your plant requires will help you to determine a watering schedule.

4. Your plants are overwatered

Overwatering plants can be more problematic than under watering them and is the most common way that people kill plants. As long as the base of the stem hasn't gone completely soft, you can still make the necessary adjustments to save your plant.

Yellowing leaves are big sign that you're overwatering your plants. Once the entire leaf turns yellow, it's best to trim them off and allow the soil to dry out before watering. Pull back on your watering schedule to ensure that your plant gets back on track.

5. You don't fertilize your plants

Plants need nutrients to stay healthy and grow. Finding the right fertilizer is just as important. Follow the directions on your fertilizer's packaging the ensure proper use.

Pick a fertilizer based on your plant type. For example, an indoor houseplant fertilizer may be great for most of your plants. However, some houseplants such as Orchids require a special fertilizer to fit their specific needs.

Keeping houseplants can be daunting if you're not sure where to start. Whether it's finding the right watering schedule or giving them the right amount of nutrients they need, we hope following these basics can help you to grow healthy plants.

Need some extra help? Check out "How NOT to kill your houseplants"!


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