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Oh Olive Oil

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This local, award-winning extra virgin olive oil is first press, cold pressed.  Tasting notes include peppery, grassy, earthy, green banana, robust and fruity.  It is the best of California's estate-grown olive oil, from robust Koroneiki olives.  This stand-out olive oil is a show-stopper on any table.

16.9 oz. pure olive oil.

Ohanneson Olive Oil is grown by Ty Ohanneson, representing the fifth generation of Ohannesons farming in the San Joaquin Valley. The olive orchard is on a parcel the Ohannesons have been farming since 1952, when the land was bought from the city of Shafter and converted from desert into farmland.

Ty’s grandfather, John Ohanneson – a Shafter legend – planted 37 acres of olives in 2010 at the age of 87, the same year Ty joined the farming operation. Always looking forward, the WWII veteran was a part of the growing trend towards healthy food. Taken together with the almonds and pistachios already being grown on the ranch, this olive orchard brought the ranch to the grand total of 100% of land being devoted to healthy fruits and lower environmental impact orchards.

John continued to run the farm until he passed away in 2014 at the age of 91.

The orchard is made up of 95% Koroneiki trees and 5% Arbequina, which make one of the boldest, pepperiest, most sought after oils on the market. The organic transition will ensure this orchard is sustainable and in high demand into the future. Single source and estate-grown, this oil honors the generations and knowledge that preceded it, offering an experience that is truly unique, truly Californian.