Palo Santo

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Palo Santo Wood (Bursera graveolens) is an aromatic wood used by the Incas and other cultures as a spiritual remedy along with a wide variety of purposes ranging from medicinal tea, incense and palo santo essential oil production. It has been valued for its therapeutic properties for centuries and is harvested from an indigenous tree in arid areas of South America.

Traditionally the sweet smelling aroma of the palo santo sacred wood is harnessed through the use of "smudging" to drive away negative energies from one's aura or home. It is believed that when the palo santo incense is lit it eliminates stagnant or negative energies and purifies the space, bringing uplifting positive energies, higher vibrations, and good luck. The soothing aroma of the smoke is often used to give your house a sweet smelling aroma and feel. Some people harness the power of palo santo wood for homeopathic purposes.

• Dried Palo Santo wood
• Approximately 4"L, Bundle of 4
• Use a candle, match, or lighter to set the Palo Santo ablaze. Let it burn for a few seconds and then blow out the fire; let the embers smoke
• Always use a fireproof vessel while burning
• Never leave unattended while burning
• Do not breathe the smoke directly
• Keep water on hand in case the burn flares out of your control
• Do not overfill interior areas with smoke
• Keep away from pets and children

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